Long may you reign

Sasha and Stacey


Adorn Your Life with Confident Couture
Biz-savvy besties Sasha Spivey and Stacey George are redefining fabulous fashion


For the sophisticated shopper looking to have real fun with their couture, meet Franki Ray - a daring luxury lifestyle brand straight out of America’s heartland. Adored for its tracksuits and a Business Bag that is a complete re-imagining of the modern briefcase, explore a wild menagerie of fabulous things to adorn your life with.


Lifelong friends Sasha Spivey and Stacey George, both of whom embody living without limitations. Named for the founders’ inspirational, entrepreneurial fathers, the brand fearlessly fuses the muse of their imaginations with luxurious, modern-day innovation. The result: a seriously satisfying and timeless unisex collection designed to invigorate the world of fashion for decades to come. 


This fearless femme duo hit the style scene with a BANG when they dropped their now best-selling Business Bag (success earned separately). The electrifying take on the modern briefcase is crafted from butter-soft, custom-dyed buffalo leather and lined with custom-designed microsuede. The biz-savvy besties expanded an empowering line of unisex athleisure must-haves for everyday apparel, business, and travel.


Yet, while the gals are all about statement-making pieces, they aren’t looking to make a statement about breaking barriers. Rather, they’re out to prove the power of unleashing a no-rules, made-it-because-we-love-it approach to creative design. Their guiding principles: have FUN bringing to life wildly energetic pieces that inspire and delight the rebel-hearted shopper. 


The Franki Ray luxury collection features high-quality leather favorites handcrafted with love and care by India-based artisans. 


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Franki Ray - Long May You Reign.