Long may you reign

Sasha and Stacey


Adorn Your Life with Confident Couture
Biz-savvy besties Sasha Spivey and Stacey George are redefining fabulous fashion.


Lifelong friends Sasha Spivey and Stacey George founded the luxury lifestyle brand Franki Ray as an outlet to unleash their wildest fashion fantasies. Launched straight out of the Heart of Texas, the unisex, couture-inspired collection has since become a favorite of rebel-hearted shoppers everywhere. Making a splash with their Business Bags that colorfully re-imagine the traditional briefcase, as well as statement-making tracksuits for center stage personalities, these biz-savvy besties put their heart and soul into designing pieces that will inspire the world of fashion for decades to come.  


Their collection is fueled by the synergistic force of their friendship, Spivey and George arrived on the fashion design scene with style elements that spark wildly wonderful emotions. Every piece, from their popular Zsa Zsa Tracksuit and Head Honcho Business Bag to their Mucha Muchacha Weekender Bag and Treasure Trove Jewelry Clutch, screams “life without limits.” Fans flock to their no-apologies, take-no-prisoners approach to creative couture. And, if their current success is any indicator, this firecracker Franki Ray duo is just getting warmed up. 


Shop ferocious fashion you can sink your teeth into at FrankiRay.com. Follow @Franki.Ray on Instagram for style inspiration without limits. 

Franki Ray - Long May You Reign